• Learn the magic of runes

    Do you want to use your Viking power, the knowledge that you had once? There's a reason that you read this, maybe it's your calling?

    Join me to become a Rune Magician, to use the runes for magic and readings.
    You will get some basic text and a text of each rune on a page, some videos, questions, and answers.

    You will also get to read (online) my book " The staff of Uhr", Uhr, the first rune magician after Ragnarok creates the runes from Issaz till Voidiz (the full rune). Each chapter is a lesson for each rune, but it's also a book that you can read as a magic novel.

    With these lessons, you can learn each rune to develop your knowledge of them. For each rune, you will find a simple description, just common facts in a way I like to encourage you to understand the basics of each rune. You can read about their meaning for each direction; East, South, West, and North and also the void, in that you will also have the elements of fire, water, earth, air, and ether. That is also the spread we are going to use to read the runes.

    You can study at your own pace, all the text, PDFs, questions and answers, and videos are on their own profile on this site www.magia-de-runas.es but we will in the zoom meetings go through five runes each time and also binding runes.  You will get initiated in the runes for each meeting before and we have a private session over Zoom. Then you learn about five runes for each meeting, the meaning, the magic, the elements (also in colors). The first meeting will be on the 17th of October, but you get all material before, once you booked (and paid) you will get access to the profile of this course.

    After the course, you will be an initiated Rune Magician, get a certificate, and be able to use my materials for a small fee and get a presentation on the website magia-de-runas.es

    Zoom meetings on Sundays at 4 pm pacific time.
    17th of October
    31st of October
    14th of November
    28th of November
    12 of December

    The price for the course is 1500 euro
    You can also pay through Paypal to ylvatrollstierna@gmail.com

    You will have access to the material as long as you're a member at www.magia-de-runas.es (included, if you're not logged in for over a year your profile will be deleted).

  • Rune Magic (book)


    Take a look at the first chapters at Amazon >>>

    "From the prime staff to the void"

    There is ancient magic with the energy from runes.

    Each rune indicates energy, which can be an individual, a God, an animal, an event, life and death, possessions, fears and happiness, and much more.

    25 runes that contain knowledge about different phases in life.
    You can see your daily life, your past, your future in these runes if you understand the energy of each rune. By understanding, interpreting, working with the runes, you will be initiated in this ancient knowledge.

    The text in this book is not after the futhark or uthark, it's from the author's own guiding knowledge from her rune guide about the creation of the runes from the beginning with Issaz to Voidiz (the empty or full rune.)

    You will find the meaning of the rune sign, the connection with the elements, how to create magic with each rune, what the rune shows in your life, in it you can find guidance Each rune is also interpreted to the different elements - fire, water, earth, air, and void.

    You will also learn how to use the runes in rune magic, each rune is a frequency that can strengthen your needs for your whole.

    The last part is Oka, that's the ancient nordic name for Yoga, how to do oka with each rune to strengthen the energy.

  • The Staff of Uhr (book)

    cover  kopia.pngA seed of The Tree of Life, Yggdrasil, fertilized by Odin, grew in an ice player until the day Uhr steps out to experience the energy of the 25 runes.

    The three Norns, Urd, Verdandi, and Skuld, become his companions, also mothers to his three daughters.

    Uhr experiences through the runes, the four elements 'power fire, water, earth, and air through experiences that become the individuals' personal and spiritual development.

    Uhr meets his own shadow, travels to Asgard, creates Midgard. By his side are Lupus, Hugin, and Munin through the runes' experiences passion and magic, good and evil, love and death.

    From the beginning, there was nothing, but nothing was even that which was everything, just not yet experienced. The word without language, all that can be created but at the same time ends

    You can also read the first chapters at Amazon >>>

  • Chapter 1 Issaz

    Text from the book "The staff of Uhr."

    iss.pngIssaz is the rune on which everything is based, the first carving, which represents the symbolism of ice; with ice, there is both the worst cold and the heat, the heat that arises. The stillness, the being, the contrast of growing when the energy is released creates the basis for other runes.

    Urd had a smile on her face. Verdandi frowned as she was in her thoughts while Skuld spoke slowly. “He," said Skuld, “He is the one who will pass on the knowledge.” They looked at the man created inside the ice pillar by seed from The Tree of life. It would be their creation, the tree they always cared for, the tree that was the foundation of all life, where all worlds were gathered.

    Every day from when everything had become quiet, the day when most things froze to ice, they had fetched water from a well that was called the well of Urdar. They had poured the water over the tree while they had hummed songs from the passage of time to preserve knowledge.

    All life that had been in balance but also imbalance, peace, and war, had fallen silent; the ice had descended overall life, draped in the tree but left a seed at its roots just outside where they now had their abode. The Word said they would also nurture and water the ice surrounding the seed that would grow in the ice. The three Norns, Urd, Verdandi, and Skuld, created, nurturing life and ending it.

    The Word had spoken to them, telling them that a new time was coming, a new cycle. In that, an individual named Uhr being created through which The Word would manifest. The Word would create a foundation, land, sea, water to rinse over, wind to carry on, fire from the sun, and the lightning of the night. In the middle, the Tree of Life would be green again. The sun would shine over one part, the moon over the other; it would separate the day from night. Create a rhythm where even death was a part of everything, just like the death that ends to dawn again. 

    Uhr would grow from the qualities of strength, trust, and joy; he would also bring with his spirits the former individuals who lived in the last phase of life. Uhr would find strength in the crystals in the ground, trust through an inner stillness, joy through the passion that would flow in his blood.

    Uhr was the one who, through the balance of the small and the great of the whole cosmos, by being in all the forces of the void, realized The Word. He would be a human being, the first; there would be more but only through Uhr's creation.

    They continued to look at the individual, Uhr, who began to move where he was inside the ice. He was stately, well-built, sinewy, a great example to create the new. There was not time yet; Uhr started as a seed and became a child, a youth to now be an adult man. They had been waiting for each phase, but now the time had come for Uhr to begin his journey through the Word.

    Uhr opened his eyes; they glowed green with yellow splashes; he looked straight into the Norns' eyes, they drew in their breath, at last. Uhr's eyes were sparkling with lust over the three women he saw; he felt an inner urge at the same time as the primordial force made his organs rise. The Norns swept a gaze over his body, the face with the shining eyes, the straight nose, the distinctive features. He who was created as an image of The Word could not be other than handsome. The broad shoulders with powerful arms that looked strong enough to carry all the burdens. His arms were stretched over his head, his hands intertwined. His hair went to his shoulders and shimmering in silver-white, with a well-shaped more square powerful face. His chest was now moving at his first breath, his waist, his body. The long slender legs, the feet that he stood firmly on while the ice around him in the ice pillar melted by the heat it created in his body.

    The Norns knew that now was the time here, the time to begin the new cycle of life that The Word had promised them before everything froze to ice. With every breath Uhr took, the ice melted in front of him. The Nornes waited; they knew it was Uhr who had to use his power to take his first step out. The day turned to night; the Nornes rested, Uhr breathed. He did not yet know who he was, his task. The only thing he experienced was the cold that created heat—the primordial power, the desire within him that drove him to breathe.

    Uhr was created by The Word, which was everything from nothing to everything. In Uhr, the ice's balance and the heat cause ice to melt into water and then consolidate, seeking its way down to the ground. The masculine of ice, the feminine of water, created a flow, a force, a balance, all joined together.

    It was dawn when the Norns sat up by the ice pillar; they had rested on the ground, they watched Uhr move in the ice. The water that ran down his body washed away everything created before; it flowed out in front of the Nornes. They collected the water to give Yggdrasil as their tree was named. They began, as usual, a ritual. They wrapped the fabric around their bodies, took each end, filled the weave with water. They have left the place to dance around Yggdrasil while the water was splashed over the roots. When the water was empty, they returned to the place in front of the ice pillar, waiting.

    Uhr moved slowly; he was in his silence simultaneously as he was aware that he would soon be free from his frozen state. Within him were the thoughts from the omniscience of the tree. Now the emotions were brought to life; they were mixed with the thoughts, all knowledge spread through his body. He understood all words, all that had one Word. He was a part of everything, but now in bodily form, in his consciousness was the idea that he was the one who would ensure that life came into being. He became aware that someone was outside his ice pillar; he straightens himself; outside the ice pillar stood what he knew was a wolf. But he also saw the three Norns behind the wolf. At that moment, the wolf was the one that stood out most clearly, as if he were obscuring the three creatures that were behind it.

    The Word spoke to Uhr. “Now begins your journey about what we call Midgard, which is meant to be the individual's abode. You are sown to create a new life with has all of what is, both what gives and what takes. I have called for a guide, a protector who will walk by your side.”

    The wolf sent thoughts to Uhr “Be greeted Uhr, I'm Lupus, I'm your companion.” Lupus sat down; he waited for the response from Uhr. Uhr gathered his thoughts, his feelings. He looked at Lupus, who had fur all over his body, while Uhr was without clothing. He was a stately wolf; in his gray-silver ruffled fur, Lupus pulled up his lips, opened his gap, let out a howl as he experienced contact with Uhr.

    Lupus walked around the ice pillar to mark his land, his leader that he was protecting. Uhr straightened up even more; the feeling of not being alone, having Lupus by his side, strengthened him.

    The ice pillar around Uhr sparkled in blue tones of the cold; it crackled in the ice. Uhr's force stretched the solid form of ice, but it was strengthened by Uhr's breath which created steam inside. Uhr felt an inner force, a stillness, a presence of everything. This was his power; he could change what was.

    Lupus laid down a coat, similar to his own, but in black tones in front of Uhr; he conveyed, "this coat is from my opposite pole, the dark wolf Fenris who was defeated before this time. This coat gives you warmth and protection for your body when you are outside your ice. When you need to cover yourself or create warmth." Uhr looked at his fur, at Lupus; he understood that his presence outside his pillar was near.

    Uhr had many thoughts; what was outside when he took his first steps? What were the three creatures? He felt a heat spread within him; it created a flow in the ice closest to him as if it changed into water.